About PG Bari
Creating a new horizon in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Experience quality products with our team of professional experts delivering the best services and expertise.
about pg bari

The Company

PG Bari, a brand that defines excellence in service and your choice in quality industrial supplies. We provide the finest range of equipment, parts, accessories and services for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our team has proven prestigious success in delivering advanced products and services worldwide over the years.

PG Bari is overseen by a team of experienced, young, energetic and well-resourced professionals, which fulfills every need in its focused industries in terms of equipment and services. We are among the prominent industrial suppliers for major firms in the Middle East and CIS nations consistently catering to their business needs.

We aim for excellence and focus on fulfilling goals and needs of our clients in the highest satisfactory outcome. We are driven by the goal to stay competitive with the latest state of the art technological innovations, adequately geared to furnish the best supplies and services to our clients, Petronas Carigali and alike. Additionally we have strong ties with leading manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Company Background

PG Bari International has developed a rich history that it shares with Polygon FZC. PG Bari has been established out of the success that Polygon FZC has proven through the last decade in the international market in Gas, Oil and petrochemical industries.

Polygon FZC is an international and recognized company in many markets around the world. The company currently specializes in the fields of medical supplies and equipment. Among these specialties, Gas, Oil and petrochemical services were part of its background experience. Today, due to increase success and the rapid growth of the company that experience has turned and proved it self a success in many international industries and in return created PG Bari International. PG Bari international grew from a specialized division from Polygon FZC into its own company and proved its quality and success through its own projects and experiences.

Our Goal & Mission

Every success we experience is a new way for us to take it to another level and improve the quality results in the next project. Our mission is to grow in quality in how we deliver products and services as well as to become leaders in creating new and innovative ways to productive and advancing strategies in how the industries are serviced.


Value & Quality Policy
Professional high standards in quality control and service

 Our team maintains strict and high standards in our process of working with our clients and any project we get awarded with. PG Bari sets it self on high standards of efficient and productive steps into developing our organization to become among the leaders to a better industry. Quality and precision in time is taken very seriously among our professionals where positive results are a high priority before anything else.

Working with us means working with the definition of professionals in the industry. The sensitivity of our industry and our view of our clients’ projects does not tolerate amateur work and practices. As we always maintain such standards and a vision to improve our services and the delivery of our high standard products, we expect our clients, partners and suppliers to maintain a healthy ad excellent relationship with us.


Our Strategy
Our path to leadership in our field works alongside our well planned decisions in the industry

Our team is always looking for new opportunities to get better at how our company can experience the market and create a new path of achievements in our industry. PG Bari International is set on a strategy to improve growth in sales and in new international markets. One of our company’s successful plan is to have a strong grip on the regional market and strengthen our reach in the market to reach a new set of international client base in neighboring countries and regions.

Our strategy has helped us expand the company on an international and continental level. We study and research new potential partners with the world’s elite to help us achieve such results. Our plan maintains excellent relationships with leaders and decision makers that strategically make us reach our goals under any challenging circumstances in the industry.

As our focus is on excellence in the industry and improving the quality we deliver in our services and products we have set a path for our company to grow into new markets. We carefully study new countries for expansion purposes and strategic positioning of our network to enhance our future actions for better results in the industry.


Partners & Investors

PG Bari International is a light of interest for many high profile investors and partners that work with us through network relations and a unique and strong financial support. Our investors and partners are among those who are leaders and decision makers in governmental departments, trade network and related industrial fields that affect the outcome of our projects and successfully gain us merit among our clients.


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